WordPress SEO Services

Right now, WordPress is widely used in the world, because of its easy to use services. At The Digital burst, we have a specialized team who are experts at WordPress site management and SEO. Our team will help you to build a perfect SEO-friendly WordPress website and we will also ensure that it is mobile friendly and well optimized.

The Basics of WordPress SEO

As we know that WordPress has a reputable presence with most search engines. Our team will show you the wide range of steps that you can take to improve your ranking and take out the most of your WordPress website. These are some elements that should be taken to optimize a WordPress site.

1. Design of the Website

2. Users Experience

3. Attention-grabbing abilities

4. Ability to convert sales

Getting technical

First, we have to look Into the On-site optimization of your WordPress website. Basic aspects of your website have to be solved because the rankings of your website also depend on it, that's why the architecture of your website has to be optimized completely.

Our WordPress SEO team is well experienced in WordPress technicalities. These are some technical SEO services for optimization:

- URLs

- Speed of the website

- Mobile-friendliness

- H1 to H6 tags and alt tags

- Image optimizations

- Meta titles and descriptions

- Google Analytics and Webmasters tools

- Tracking tools

We also monitor your crawling errors, HTML errors, which are basically part of Google analytics.

WordPress content SEO

In order to fix the technical of your website, our WordPress consultants will work on your ON and OFF site. This process includes research, monitoring, planning.

Our On-page SEO process starts with researching. We research your company and your goals, we monitor for exactly what type of your ideal audience is and what type of Keywords is needed so that your right customers can find you. Then we move on to your competition while learning their past experience like their success and failures so that we can learn from them and we don't waste our time doing the same mistakes that they have done.

After that, our writers and designers focus on creating custom content for your website and for the pages that we will use to get backlinks for our website. All the content that our team creates will be well optimized while focusing on the keywords that we are using so that each page of the website is set up to succeed in search rankings.

Send us an email at info@thedigitalburst.com and let us get to work for you creating and sustaining a successful WordPress site.