Social media marketing

It is very important for a company to become flexible in every aspect of platforms when It comes to advertise or rank higher, or team will help your brand to establish on different social media handles to get more exposure because you don't know from where you can get relevant future customers.

We don't lie on just SEO to get you more users, we always think to increase your exposure, promoting your brand and products, engaging your audience with attention-grabbing content that can develop a new type of audience from different platforms.

The Digital Burst works on the following social platforms:






And more.

The Digital Burst Social Media Services

First, we assign you our experienced Social Platform consultant. You will get experts like a graphic designer, SEO experts, a copywriter. Each and every member of the team will be highly trained in Social Media Marketing and will always research for your industry first.

Audit and Analysis

Social media audit is next what we do in our list in this we do an analysis on your current account. We discuss what type of opportunities you're missing currently, where your business is having problems in social platforms. We try different types of research to find out what type of content will get you more exposure.

Account Creation and Revamp

We try to find out first whether you need to make new social media accounts or revamping your old ones will work. We set the foundation with:

• Create profiles that are SEO optimized.

• Custom usernames and URLs.

• Location of your website and business working hours.

• Profile Pictures and cover photos.

Original Content and Graphic Design

As a responsible social media Market agency, we work like to work professionally that's why we make a well-organized calendar to figure out all the creatives of the month. We create a mixture of branded and promotional content that will target your audience and reflect your brand's voice.

Those Posts can include anything like Images, infographics, quotes, Short articles, News, informational articles, etc.

Real-Time Engagement

You can improve your online presence with our Facebook and Instagram Management services. Our services can show you exactly where users are talking about your business. We create partnerships with different Non-competitive brands and industries to double your audience.

Social Media Advertising

Now to the best part, you know that the regular posting on the website is for engagement, but the goal of the social media advertisement is ultimately sales. Different social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. can increase brand value sales.

The Digital burst can target your audience based on their online behaviors, locations, browsing, etc. Facebook's ads services allow to run the ads through the database that is previously collected. We always focus on the genuine audience so that your money spent wisely and it gives you the outcome.

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