SEO Audits

SEO audit is the easiest way to check the health of your website. It should be done regularly to ensure that every single page of your website is optimized correctly and this will lead your website to rank higher in the search engines. It doesn't matter if your website is new or already running for over years, Site audits are important to reach your audience successfully.

A Website audit from The Digital Burst will make sure that there is nothing missing that can or could harm your website. Our SEO audit teams are well experienced and can catch the tiniest errors in your site's SEO, and tells you the steps to improve your social media, AdWords accounts.

The Dangers of Bad SEO

Today's marketing style is not only about ads, the ranking of your website depends upon from meta title to keyword research, each and every factor is responsible. To understand better why it is so important you should read these statistics:

• SEO is the most effective way when it comes to lead generation for 57% of B2B marketers.

• Probably 75 % to 80% of people skip the paid ads result and move to the organic listing.

• 75% of people never go to the next page of SERP (Search engine results page)

If your website is not ranking at the top, you're are not getting the proper audience of yours. The Digital burst ensures that your website's ranking should always high.

Our SEO Audit Process

When you hire The digital burst as your SEO consultant you will experts that will look for your existence search engine standing and will optimize your website's web presence.

Our SEO Audit process includes:

• On-page analysis of your website (Images, Keywords, content, etc)

• Off-page analysis of your website (Link building, Social media handles, AdWords, etc)

• Technical SEO (Metadata, H1-H6 tags, URL, etc)

After doing all types of researches on your website we provide you detailed information, including any errors and their fixes, we will give you important recommendations which will ultimately help you to increase your rankings on the Search engines and will increase your traffic.

Our team will also look at your social media accounts and AdWords account to check whether your ads campaigns are fully optimized or not. We don't leave any factors that can affect your web rankings negatively.

Optimizing Search for Better Business

Search engine optimization is constantly changing, The digital burst always stays up to date, there are so many changes that occur in search engines algorithms so as a responsible Digital marketing agency we always have to keep our eye on these updates because it can really make a huge difference in rankings.

As you always maintain your vehicles by bringing them to the services center on a regular schedule, your website should also get proper SEO audits so that it should work fine and rank properly.

Let The Digital Burst help you unlock the full potential of your business's website with a complete SEO audit. To get started with your professional SEO audit, send us an email at