Search Engine Optimization

With Digital burst you can build your online presence. With all the competition that is going in the market, it is very difficult to keep yourself on track without losing track and getting bogged. The Digital burst is the best SEO company in Delhi that knows high-level solutions so that your business keeps growing and never loses track.
The Digital burst Understands every aspect of your campaign and takes the time to research the current situation of where your business is standing. We focus on research on what your consumers like to search on the internet and after finding it out we target those costumers.

Competition Research

Competition research is one of the best ways to get better results because this little research you can the Strengths and mistakes of your competition. We can learn the techniques and practices from our competitors and not only this we can also learn from there mistakes so we can avoid them for us. We search what type of Seo campaigns our competition is running and how we can do better than them.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important if you want to grow and beat your competitors with SEO. We have broken keywords into 3main types:

  • Main keyword (Focus keyword) : This the main keyword that is chosen for each and every page.
  • Primary Keyword: These are the keywords that appear mostly in the description and the content.
  • Long-tail keyword: the keywords which only appear in the content.

On-Page SEO Services

In this practice, we focus on optimizing our own website or web pages so that it can match the guidelines which are set by Google to rank higher and get more traffic. By researching, we find out which page or post needs to be updated. We make sure that all the search engines know the focus keywords for each page.

We focus on every page and search for the pages that needed to be updated, these can be anything that like meta description, titles, H1 tags. As we have told you above websites that match the guidelines which are set by Google to rank higher and get more traffic, so because of these small updates your website can really grow faster.

Meta descriptions are very important and it has to be seen in the Search engine results page. Meta description describes what your website pages is all about. In the meta description, it is important to put keywords. After finishing these works The Digital burst check and evaluate your websites every month and if any update required than we make sure that it should be done that's why The digital burst is known as best SEO company in Delhi

Off-Page SEO Services

Off-page SEO is a technique that occur outside of our website and it is the main activity in SEO. In this our team research for best-suited keywords that are suited for your website.

The well-known activity that comes in Off-page SEO is Link building and links can be through brand partnerships etc.

This link building includes:

  • Niche Blogs
  • Relevant Guest postings
  • Forums
  • and more.

After creating links we make sure that those backlinks are by search engines because if they are not then it will not provide any profit to your site. The Digital burst is known for the best SEO company in Delhi because we always focus on creating high-quality backlinks.

Technical Audit

Our team ensure to fix all the technical issues in your website. The digital burst looks for the issues that needed to be fixed like crawling errors, duplicate content, and more.

As it is a part of search engine optimization our specialist ensure that your website is mobile friendly and it is available for all the devices like desktop, tablets, and smartphones because you don't know what type of device your consumers are using so we have to make sure that we are provide best experience on all devices. Our team also makes your website fast and they also remove any backlink if it giving any negative affect to your website.

Your Personalized SEO Consultant & Agency

From ranking your business to selecting the right keywords, The Digital burst works with you to build SEO strategies that work effectively.

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