PPC & Google Ads Agency

You can increase your conversion rates with our Google ads agency, we can push your business or brand with PPC (Pay per click) or Pay Per click advertisements. You know that SEO can help you to push your rank organically, but PPC can generate a huge amount of traffic immediately.
The Digital Burst's PPC Services can increase your brand awareness in different paid channels. We have different Platforms for creating exposure through paid advertising. It includes:

• International Campaigns

• Contextual Advertising

• Google AdWords PPC

• National Campaigns

• Facebook Advertising

• Localized Campaigns

• Bing PPC

When it comes to PPC campaigns the most important factors is research, first we find your brand's sweet spot because it can work best for generating conversions. PPC is the most affordable way to advertise, it offers different price points for every type business like small or big.

Benefits of PPC Management Services?

• PPC is type of advertisement services in which you can get instant results like you can get immediate leads or we can promote new products with ads on Search engine, basically there is no waiting time period you can begin anytime.

• It saves your money- In PPC you have to pay money when someone clicks on your ads, plus it allows you to set the budget that you want.

• It understands your audience type- while PPC is doing its work, it remembers and tells you which keywords, placements, ads generates best results.

The Digital Burst's PPC Services

Through the different types of research we collect the best keywords that will really exposure with keeping the bid cost low. Users are differentiated by the location and keywords. This is the most difficult part when comes to develop a PPC campaign.

1. The Digital Burst make different ad groups for the split test. Different campaign testing is very important as it gives us immediate feedbacks that allows us to adjust landing pages, keywords and ads as it can be more effective at driving traffic.

2. Funnels are very important for the PPC campaigns, Landing pages should have very clear call to action buttons to maximize the lead generation. The Digital burst take care for both of these factors.

3. We believe in reports, after we set your ads we provide you monitoring and reports with the recommendations that will help you in future if campaigns needs any adjustment.

The Digital Burst's Retargeting Strategies

Some visitors only browse your website and leaves your website. Most of the users leaves the website without any purchase. This the point where retargeting and advertising proves to be best tactics. This technique not only increase your exposure but also increases your sales.

Here is how it works.

• Through our marketing, audience drives towards your website.

• They browse and looks at different services and products.

• Due to some reason they leave your website.

• On there favourite social media sites like Facebook or Instagram they see our display ad promoting our website.

• By that display ad user come back to the website and most probably they make a purchase.

The Benefits of Retargeting

Retargeting can provide opportunities to convert new users to become your consumers, even it can increase sales for the existing customers by cross sales.

It can help businesses by:

• It can increase your conversion rates: users who are searching for a product will be brought back to your website.

• Most of the users like to compare different website or retailers and they forget about there carts, by retargeting method we collect there data and display targeted ads on their social media that encourages them to complete the transactions.

• Increase in brand awareness: While your ads are seen everywhere, it will be recalled. Even if users are only browsing different websites your website will get ultimate exposure which somehow will leads to sale.

Get in Touch with a PPC Expert

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